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Guardian Shield

Introducing WP Gauge's Malware Scanner: Your First Line of Defense Against Malware

Our Malware scanner is more than just a security tool; it's your website's personal guard. This advanced scanner is designed to detect even the most hidden malware, ensuring your WordPress site remains safe and secure.

Why Malware Matters: Protecting Your Site's Health and Google's Trust

Malware can compromise not only your website's integrity but also its standing with Google. A malware-infected site can quickly lose Google's trust, leading to blacklisting or lower search rankings. WP Gauge's Malware scanner works tirelessly to prevent this, keeping your site in Google's good graces.

Trust Guard
Real time

Real-Time Scanning: Catching Threats Before They Spread

Time is of the essence when it comes to malware. Our Malware scanner operates in real-time, swiftly identifying, isolating and removing threats. This proactive approach is key to maintaining a healthy, uninterrupted online presence.

Comprehensive Yet Gentle: WPGauge's Non-Invasive Scanning

We understand the importance of performance. That's why our Malware scanner is designed to be thorough yet non-invasive, ensuring your website's speed and user experience remain unaffected while it scans in the background.

Group 19858
Group 19860

Rest Easy with WP Gauge: Complete Malware Scanning Solutions

With WP Gauge's Malware scanner, you can rest easy knowing your site is continuously monitored and protected from the latest threats. Our comprehensive solution means you can focus on what you do best, running your website, while we handle the security.

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Group 172

Security Check

Regular audits to prevent potential threats.

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Real-time Firewall & Bot Protection

 Instantly blocking suspicious activities and unauthorized access attempts.


Performance Check

Regular monitoring and tweaking for optimal speed and responsiveness.

daily cloud backups

Daily Cloud Backups

Secure storage of your website data, making recovery swift and simple.

Group 173

Malware Scanning & Removal

Proactively identifying and eliminating harmful code.

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Vulnerability Scans

Identifying weak points before they can be exploited.


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Immediate alerts for any downtime, ensuring issues are fixed ASAP.


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