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Stay Stress-Free with 24/7 Website Security! With WP Gauge, Your Site's Uptime Isn't Just a Goal, It's a Guarantee

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WP Gauge Ensures Your Site is Always Safe, So You Can Enjoy 100% Uptime & Peace of Mind!

WordPress Backup

Consistent WordPress Backups for Your Utmost Tranquility

We keep a keen eye on the alterations made to your website and WordPress backup only what's new. Thanks to WP Gauge's Incremental Backups Technology, bulky zip files are a thing of the past, ensuring your server remains unburdened and efficient.


Backups Tailored for Every Site Dimension

Whether petite or colossal, we've got your site covered. WP Gauge is a proficient WordPress backup, even as vast as 300 GB, and handles databases exceeding 50 GB seamlessly, ensuring error-free safety nets every time.

Disaster-proof offsite data storage

Ensure Offsite Data Storage, Immune to Disasters

At WP Gauge, we store multiple replicas of your entire website data on our secure servers, utilizing top-tier industry standard encryption. For an added layer of security, we further backup your data to an independent cloud storage, reinforcing redundancy and ensuring your data's unwavering safety.


Swift Recovery with Differential Restores

Time is of the essence, especially for substantial websites that traditionally take hours to restore. WP Gauge's differential restores come to the rescue, applying only the changes for a faster, more efficient restoration. Your site rebounds quickly, ready to continue its online journey.

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What it includes

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Our expertise ensures seamless operations, proactive solutions, and cost-effective strategies. Elevate your maintenance experience with us.


Peace of Mind

Sleep easy knowing your site's data is consistently safeguarded against unforeseen events.


Protection from Data Loss

Secure against accidental deletions, cyberattacks, or glitches, ensuring data integrity.


Effortless Maintenance

Update and modify with confidence, knowing you have a safety net

Avoid google blacklist

Avoiding Google’s Blacklist

Quickly restore clean versions, preserving your online reputation and SEO rankings.


Disaster Recovery

Unforeseen events like server crashes or breaches can lead to data loss. Backups let you quickly restore your site to its prior state.


Enhanced Security

Boost defense against cyber threats, maintaining a secure online presence.



Backups prevent expensive recovery efforts post data loss or site compromise, offering an economical protective measure


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