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WP Gauge offers reliable & affordable security solution to your WordPress site.

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Your website is always at risk!

Malware can badly damage your site and lead to losses of more than $10,000 from hacking.

search engine blacklisting

Search Engine Blacklisting

Search engines blocks your website if you websites contains malware.

data breach

Data Breach

A hacked website can have serious user data stealing threats.

broken user expereince

Broken User Experience

A website with malware can contain suspicious 3rd party links.

Why everyone is switching to WP Gauge?

WP Gauge has emerged as most trusted WordPress security partner for its promising features and affordability.

Features WP Gauge Wordfence Sucuri Jetpack
Monthly Billing
Malware Scanner
Instant Malware Removal
Find and Remove Malware in Database
Web Application Firewall
Vulnerability Detection
Block attacks on site
Cloud Backup
Weekly Security Audit
Improves Site Performance
Free plugins Elementor Pro, Divi, WP Rocket, Image Imagify

Instant Malware Removal: WP Gauge's Instant Response to Threats

WP Gauge delivers immediate WordPress malware removal, offering a swift and decisive response to online threats. Our best WordPress security services ensure minimal impact, quickly restoring your site's safety and maintaining its integrity.

WordPress Malware Removal

WordPress Malware Scanner

We continiously monitor your WordPress site to find any Malware hidden in files or database.


WordPress Malware Removal

Our Malware removal safely removes the malware from your site and make sure your site is working well.


WordPress Activity Log

WP Gauge logs every change and interaction on your site. Activity log help you to understand user behavior and site modifications.

Full WordPress Security against the most Hazardous cyber attacks

Ensure your website's resilience with WP Gauge WordPress security services, safeguarding against even the most hazardous cyber attacks. Our advanced security measures provide robust protection, keeping your digital presence safe and secure at all times.


WP Gauge bot security distinguishes between harmful bots and legitimate traffic, ensuring your site's safety.


WP Gauge firewall is a shield to protect your WordPress site by blocking the malicious attacks while allowing legitimate visitors

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WP Gauge's scanner identifies vulnerabilities such as out dated plugins, security patches and updates.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Firewall and login protection

Secure your WordPress with WP Gauge comprehensive security.


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