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Simply pick the plan that resonates with your goals and let us handle the rest. It's time to secure your digital realm with expert WordPress security service

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Stay Stress-Free with 24/7 Website Security! With WP Gauge WordPress security service, Your Site's Uptime Isn't Just a Goal, It's a Guarantee

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WP Gauge WordPress security service, Ensures Your Site is Always Safe, So You Can Enjoy 100% Uptime & Peace of Mind!

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Safeguard Your Website Effortlessly with WordPress Security Service

Let us carry the weight of your website’s security. At WP Gauge, our servers work robustly in the background, ensuring you don’t have to fret about your website losing its brisk pace. Stay swift, stay secure – that’s the WP Gauge assurance.


Avoid Google's Blacklist and Webhost Suspension with WP Gauge

Fear not about facing Google's blacklist or your website's suspension. WP Gauge WordPress security service continuously and automatically scans your sites, alerting you at the first sign of any trouble. This allows you to promptly address and resolve the issue, preventing further damage and ensuring your site remains in good standing.

Malware Scanner

Uncover Even the Most Elusive Malware with WP Gauge

With WP Gauge's precise malware scanner, every corner of your website — from files to databases — is thoroughly examined. We're committed to detecting and rooting out even the most sophisticated hidden malware, ensuring your site's pristine condition


Prompt Malware Clearance with WP Gauge: Act Before It Spreads

With just a simple click, WP Gauge WordPress security service ensures swift removal of any detected malware. Say goodbye to prolonged wait times and escalating risks—our immediate action minimizes damage and keeps your website in top shape.

Instant Malware Removal
block hackers

WP Gauge: Your Real-time Shield Against Intruders

Harness the power of our integrated web application firewall (WAF) to fend off hackers and disruptive brute-force attacks as they happen. With WP Gauge's WordPress security service, Threat Intelligence Network continuously updating rules and IP data, your website stays fortified against even the latest threats. Your site's defense? Always on, always vigilant.

What it includes

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Our WordPress security service ensures seamless operations, proactive solutions, and cost-effective strategies. Elevate your maintenance experience with us.

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Security Check

Regular audits to prevent potential threats.

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Real-time Firewall & Bot Protection

 Instantly blocking suspicious activities and unauthorized access attempts.


Performance Check

Regular monitoring and tweaking for optimal speed and responsiveness.

daily cloud backups

Daily Cloud Backups

Secure storage of your website data, making recovery swift and simple.

Group 173

Malware Scanning & Removal

Proactively identifying and eliminating harmful code.

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Vulnerability Scans

Identifying weak points before they can be exploited.


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Immediate alerts for any downtime, ensuring issues are fixed ASAP.


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