WP Gauge GDPR Compliance Policy

1. Communication Channels:

Contact Forms: When you complete one of our contact forms, the information you provide allows us to respond to your queries effectively.

Checkout Process: During checkout, the details you furnish facilitate the processing of your order and enable us to connect with you regarding your transaction.

Mailing Lists: By signing up through our mailing list forms, you grant us permission to add your details to our newsletter database, keeping you updated on our offerings.

Live Chat: Initiating a conversation via our live chat system gives us the insights needed to engage with you efficiently.

2. Cookies and User Data:

Upon logging in, WP Gauge uses temporary cookies to verify browser cookie acceptance. We also deploy cookies to remember your login details and visual preferences on our site. Editing or publishing a post will set an additional short-lived cookie.

 3. Embedded Content:

Our articles may feature embedded content from external platforms. Interacting with this content is equivalent to visiting these third-party sites, which might track your engagement.

4. Data Sharing:

Your information is sacred to us. We do not distribute it without explicit permission, barring the essential third-party tools that aid us in serving you better.

5. Data Retention:

For purchases, WP Gauge stores your data to maintain a record of transactions. Contact form data is preserved both on our site. Backups of our site are kept on Google Cloud for a limited period. Signing up for our newsletters means your details reside on Klaviyo.com.

6. Your Data Rights:

For EU/EEA citizens, you can request an export of your data from us and also ask for its erasure, though some data may be retained for legal purposes.

7. Data Transmission:

Details from contact forms are sent to wpgauge.com. Newsletter signups go to Klaviyo.com. Payment details, processed during checkout, are securely managed by Stripe.com.

8. Data Safeguards:

Using multi-factor authentication mechanisms, WP Gauge ensures an added layer of security across platforms where your data is stored.

9. Breach Protocols:

We trust third-party services like Klaviyo.com, Stripe.com. In case of such an incident, WP Gauge will promptly alert affected users and take action in line with regulatory requirements.